Apple Announced iPhone XS & XS Max

Thursday, September 13, 2018
Apple Announced iPhone XS & XS Max

Today, at Steve Jobs Theatre the new iPhones have been announced. They are called the iPhone XS and XS Max and differ only in size and resolution of the screen: the first - 5.8-inch at 2436x1125, and the second - at 2688x1242 and 6.5 inches.

As always, we are promised the most sturdy glass and improved protection according to the IP68 standard. Now the new iPhones can dive into the water for 2 meters, and not be afraid of tea, beer, wine and everything else.

Similar to iPhone X, there is an OLED screen. But, naturally, the much-improved range of colours was increased by 60%. In addition, now the smartphone's screen update frequency will be the same as on the iPad Pro - 120 Hz. Why this is needed is not entirely clear, but the animations will look smoother.

The new processor is called A12 Bionic, and compared to A11 it became some kind of wild monster. This is the first processor on a 7-nanometer process. In addition, the processor runs faster than the previous generation by 50%. Inside, there are four cores of the GPU and six cores of the CPU. Available sizes of built-in memory: 64, 256 and 512 GBs.

And now, eyes on iPhone Xs Max's size. If you are afraid that the iPhone XS Max will not fit well in your hand, then do not worry - its body is the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus. Perhaps, because of the "framelessness" it will need some getting used to. But this should not cause much trouble.

Stereo sound is improved: now, as Apple says, it has become better. But who needs it when there are cool camera updates?

Not only does the camera now shoots better than the iPhone X, we will also get a very cool image editing update. Here you photographed yourself against your favourite background, and the diaphragm did not adjust normally? Okay - go into the editor and change these settings yourself. Super cool.

There is not much to talk about the battery. The iPhone XS will run 30 minutes longer than the iPhone X, and the XS Max version for an hour and a half. There wasn't much said about milliamperes and technicalities, though.

Now to a shocking feature. The iPhone XS will have two SIM cards. The first is physical, and the second is electronic eSim. Obviously, this will not work in all countries around the world right away/ But it was exclusively for China that they presented a version with two physical sim cards.

Pre-order smartphones will open on September 14, and sales will begin at the end of September. The price tag on the device, as expected, is very high. For a basic version of XS on 64 GB you will pay $1899 NZD, and for XS Max - $2099 NZD. As for 256 GB and 512 GB versions, the prices are, naturally, much higher with the most expensive iPhone XS Max at 512 GB going for as much as $2799 NZD.

Available colours: gray, gold and black.


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Apple Announced iPhone XS & XS Max

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