Samsung Announced Galaxy Fold

Friday, February 22, 2019
Samsung Announced Galaxy Fold

Samsung has decided to start a new decade of the Galaxy series with the introduction of a revolutionary smartphone. This is Galaxy Fold. And it looks like this:

Yes, it is a foldable smartphone. In the folded version, it has a small 4.6-inch display with a resolution of 840 × 1960 pixels:

Yes, the frame is large. And this is the most controversial moment in the smartphone. But when you open it, you will see this:

And THAT is awesome. It is well worth seriously considering the device just for this feature. There is a screen with 1536 × 2152 pixels resolution and 7.3 inches in size. Samsung called this type of screen "Infinity Flex". The company promises up to "hundreds of thousands" of opening-closing cycles. It is protected by some kind of composite material. It sounds promising.

There is a special mechanism designed for Fold, which allows the most natural way to open a smartphone.

There is not much known as far as the hardware is concerned. The top unnamed Exynos processor, built on the 7-nm process technology (Galaxy S10 has 8-nm Exynos 9820), 12GB of RAM and 512GB of physical memory.

There are two batteries here. The total capacity is 4380 mAh:

There are six cameras in Samsung Galaxy Fold. Three main ones on the back, one front camera above the small folded screen and two above the large unfolded screen. But, so far, no details have been revealed about them.

Galaxy Fold will be available in four colours:

Samsung Galaxy Fold will go on sale on April the 26th. And this mobile revolution will not be cheap: starting from 1980 USD.

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