Mobile Compare helps you compare smartphone features and find the best one for your needs. Launched in December 2017, Mobile Compare is brought to you by NZ Compare, the team behind BroadbandCompare.co.nz & PowerCompare.co.nz

Who are we?

Mobile Compare helps Kiwis find the ideal mobile phone for the best price from all smartphones New Zealand has to offer. Simple, easy to use and full of great smartphone features, Mobile Compare can help you find the most affordable mobile phone or plan. Whatever you are looking for in an NZ mobile plan or smartphone, Mobile Compare can help.

Our mobile comparison tool is easy to use and you can tailor your search to include the most important features of your smartphone. We compare a wide range of best smartphones with your current mobile phone. Just choose your current smartphone into our mobile compare website and in a matter of seconds, you'll be able to compare your smartphone with the best ones to date. Find all of the features and info you need to compare and choose the best smartphone at Mobile Compare.

How do we make money?

We do not charge you for any of the services that we provide on our website. Mobile Compare receives advertising fees and referral commissions from a number of the mobile providers that appear on the Mobile Compare website. This referral fee or commission does NOT increase the cost of any smartphone or mobile plan that you might sign up to via the Mobile Compare website, on the contrary, a number of NZ mobile providers and retailers have partnered with us to promote exclusive mobile plans and offerings that are unique to Mobile Compare.

We only feature mobile providers that comply with our strict listing criteria in order to ensure the high quality and comprehensiveness of the mobile service providers that we list and this is regardless of whether they pay us commission or not. Our commercial arrangements have no impact on how we list the mobile retailers, smartphones or mobile plans that appear in the results that are provided for your mobile comparison.

We are dedicated to providing informative, impartial content that offers true value to Mobile Compare website visitors.