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May 14, 2024 2degrees “Free Aussie Business Roaming” Marketing Was Unclear and Misleading

The Commerce Commission has filed eight charges under the Fair Trading Act against 2degrees for creating misleading claims about their ‘free Aussie roaming’ for business mobile plans.

Apr 16, 2024 Comparing Mobile Operating Systems: Apple VS Android

Which mobile operating system is right for you? Apple or Android? Mobile Compare breaks down the differences and similarities. 

Apr 5, 2024 6 Must-Have Features in Modern Phones

In the market for a new phone? Make sure it has these 6 essential features!

Mar 21, 2024 The Age of 3G is Coming to an End in 2025

3g services are shutting down in 2025. This may mean it's time to upgrade your phone!

Mar 6, 2024 A Guide to Comparing Mobile Phone Plans

Unsure how to compare mobile plans? This guide is designed to help make the process a little easier so you can narrow down your requirements and find the best deal!

Feb 26, 2024 Mobile Phone Security: 8 Tips for Protecting your Information and Privacy

In this digital age, it is important to protect our phone, data and privacy. Read on to learn our 8 best tips for mobile security!

Feb 22, 2024 From the Walkman to the Smartphone: The History of Moving Music

Have you ever wondered where portable music came from? When was the  first portable music player invested? Read on to find out!

Feb 21, 2024 6 Ways to Use your Phone for Productivity

Do you spend a lot of time scrolling and want to find other more creative ways to use your phone for learning and growning? We have 6 ideas to get you started!

Feb 1, 2024 Evolution of Mobile Phones

Take a walk with us back through time as we discover the history and evolution of the mobile phone with NZ Compare

Jan 30, 2024 Tips to Smash 2024

Do you want to make 2024 YOUR year? Well, read on for our best tips to smash 2024!

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