About Mobile Compare
Nov 10, 2022

Mobile Compare is a Mobile Phone and Mobile Plan comparison website for New Zealand.  Brought to you by the good sorts at NZ Compare! 

At Mobile Compare, you can compare mobile plans from different providers to find the best plan for you! 

We’ve got an incredible range of plans from all your favourite providers. Plus, the website is super easy to use - you’ll find a fantastic deal in no time! 

What Mobile Plans can you compare?

Mobile Compare features a huge range of plans! 

There are many great plans on offer from providers like Spark, 2degrees, Vodafone, Skinny, Orcon, Slingshot, and Warehouse Mobile. 

We’ve got all the different types of plans that you could think of! Contracts, pay monthly, prepaid and special deals are all available to compare. 

Plus, we show you all the crucial details you need to know - like how much data, calls & texts, and any special features included in the plans! 

We’ve got ALL the information you need to know when choosing a new mobile plan, so you pick what's right for you and your budget. Think of us as your ultimate one-stop shop for everything mobile!!

How did Mobile Compare come about?

In late 2020, a Commerce Commission review for the telecommunications market revealed that Kiwi consumers are significantly spending more than they have to on their mobile plans. 

The Commission urged mobile network providers to ensure that they provide more comparison information to consumers so that they can better understand how much they actually need to spend on their usage. 

“We want to see the [telecommunications] industry catch up to other sectors, like electricity, where consumers and comparison websites are making good use of the ability to compare usage and pricing,” says Tristan Gilbertson, Telecommunications Commissioner.

“Our work [the review] shows that consumers need to ask themselves how much money they could be saving. Most mobile plans can now be changed monthly so it just might pay to shop around to see if you can find a better deal,” says Gilbertson.

NZ Compare had been working on the relaunch of Mobile Compare for a while leading up to this. NZ Compare joined with the Telecommunications Forum and the Commerce Commission to work with providers to get what Kiwis needed in order to compare.

It’s clear that Kiwis need a place to easily compare mobile plans so they can find the best deal and avoid overspending. So, NZ Compare created a website where you can do just that! 

Mobile Compare is here to ensure that Kiwis are picking the right plan for their needs! 

Kiwis can say goodbye to being misled or confused by marketing tactics. They no longer have to feel exhausted going store to store and being sold into a plan on the spot. 

By using Mobile Compare, Kiwis will have the power of knowledge. They’ll be able to make an informed decision on what’s best for them. Ultimately, this means that Kiwis will easily be able to find the perfect plan for their budget and lifestyle!   

How do we make money?

We do not charge you for any of the services that we provide on our website. Mobile Compare receives advertising fees and referral commissions from a number of the mobile providers that appear on the Mobile Compare website. This referral fee or commission does NOT increase the cost of any smartphone or mobile plan that you might sign up to via the Mobile Compare website, on the contrary, a number of NZ mobile providers and retailers have partnered with us to promote exclusive mobile plans and offerings that are unique to Mobile Compare.

We only feature mobile providers that comply with our strict listing criteria in order to ensure the high quality and comprehensiveness of the mobile service providers that we list and this is regardless of whether they pay us commission or not. Our commercial arrangements have no impact on how we list the mobile retailers, smartphones or mobile plans that appear in the results that are provided for your mobile comparison.

We are dedicated to providing informative, impartial content that offers true value to Mobile Compare website visitors.

Why should I use Mobile Compare?

You should definitely use Mobile Compare if you want to get the BEST mobile plan possible! 

Comparing is the greatest way to find the plan of your dreams! When you compare different plans, you can see which one offers you the features that you need AND which one is better value for money! 

However, comparing can be tricky if you try to do it yourself. You’d have to go to different providers’ websites and make a spreadsheet to see which plan is best. What a hassle! 

If you use Mobile Compare, all you have to do is jump on ONE website to compare all mobile plans! It only takes a matter of minutes!  

The best part is you’ll discover massive savings, special benefits and exclusive deals!

So if you want to save money and find an excellent mobile plan, then you need to jump on Mobile Compare! 

How to use Mobile Compare

One of the great things about Mobile Compare is how easy it is to use! 

All you have to do is follow these simple steps: 

Jump onto Mobile Compare 
Click on New Plan 
Select how much data, minutes and texts you’re after. 
Select the type of plan you want (Prepay or Monthly).
Choose which provider you’re interested in (you can select multiple).
Hit enter!
Browse all the plans available to you & compare them side-by-side! 
Find one you like and switch!
So what are you waiting for?!

Click through on the menu above of compare mobile plans here to discover the best mobile plan for your life!