A definitive list of ALL the Telcos in NZ!

Learn about the Telcos of Aotearoa, thanks to Mobile Compare!
Friday, September 30, 2022

Here in Aotearoa, there are plenty of telcos to choose from! 

You may wonder… why’s it important to know all the different telcos? Well, it could just save you hundreds of dollars. Find out how below! 

What is a Telco? 

A telco is a telecommunications company. These companies provide telephone and cellular services to consumers. 

We’ve broken down all the telcos in Aotearoa into three categories: Network Providers, MVNOs, and Other Retailers. 

The Network Providers 

A mobile network provider is a company who owns and operates a network of infrastructure that provides telephone and cellular coverage. 

There are three network providers in Aotearoa; 2degrees, Spark, and Vodafone. Collectively, they provide mobile coverage to almost all of the places Kiwis live and work. 

All of these companies are also retailers, so they both own the network and also sell mobile phones and plans. They are also the networks that other well known mobile retailers use to service their customers, you just might not know it. 


Launched in 2009, 2degrees entered the market with low prices and a motto of Fighting for Fair. Over the years, they’ve developed a strong network to deliver 3G and 4G coverage across the country. They have the largest coverage out of all the network providers: great if you travel or go hiking often! While they have a limited 5G network at present, they are expanding out to more areas all the time. 



Spark has a long history of helping keep Kiwis connected. Starting out in 1987, known back then as Telecom, the company quickly grew to become a major telco in Aotearoa. Now, they provide customers with one of the largest networks across the motu. They have strong 4G coverage nationwide, HD calling, and are continuing to expand their 5G network. 



Vodafone has years of experience in providing Kiwis with fantastic coverage, no matter where they live. Their 3G and 4G network covers over 98% of Kiwis. They’ve got large rural coverage, HD calling, and 4G roaming to over 130 countries. Plus, they have the widest 5G coverage out of all three network providers. Not to mention, they have recently teased their new branding to One New Zealand launching in 2023. 



Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) are companies that rent network providers' infrastructure and sell mobile plans under their own name. There are currently six MVNOs in the country. They usually focus on attracting specific demographics or offer unique deals. However, they only cover 1.4% of all mobile users in Aotearoa, according to a recent Commerce Commission report. 

The MVNOs:

Warehouse Mobile (uses the 2degrees network)

  • Super low prices and special combos that work perfectly with any budget. 
  • International calling to over 15 different countries at the same price as NZ. 


Kogan Mobile (uses the Vodafone network)

  • Claims to have the cheapest prepay plans for unlimited texts and calls.
  • Plans to suit both heavy and light users. 
  • Low-cost international roaming packs. 
  • Exclusive deal for students (partnered with UNIDAYS).  


MyRepublic (uses the Vodafone network)

  • Unlimited data plans. 3 plan types based on data speeds.
  • Save $20 off per month, your first three months with their introductory deal. 
  • Bundle your mobile plan with broadband to save even further!  


Vocus (houses retail brands Slingshot and Orcon, uses the Spark network)

  • A variety of business mobile plans. 
  • Easily manage your mobile fleet, costs, and plans online.
  • Shared data plans available to cover your whole team. 
  • Various cost-saving international roaming plans. 


Trustpower (uses the Spark network)

  • A wide variety of mobile plans, from fixed data plans to Endless Data plans. 
  • Heaps of Add-Ons that can be applied. 
  • Bundle options with electricity, gas, and broadband, provide fantastic discounts on your mobile plan.


Compass (uses the Spark network)

  • Value mobile plans only available to customers already with the company for broadband. 
  • Mobile plans are great additions for Compass customers, with no contracts, simple activation, and some of the best prices on the market. 


Other Retailers 

Alongside the network providers and MVNOs, there are also a bunch of other retailers! Retailers are the ones that we as consumers have a direct relationship with. They are the companies we buy our mobile plans from. 

They include:

Skinny (owned by Spark)

  • Simple, straight-forward prepaid plans with low prices!
  • Uses Spark’s extensive network for both 4G and 5G coverage. 
  • Award-winning service. 
  • Broadband plans are also available. 


Slingshot (uses the Spark network)

  • Various plans to suit all users. 
  • Save money by bundling. Get $5 off your broadband bill for every mobile plan you add. The more mobile plans you add, the more you’ll save. 
  • Easy to manage your account, especially if you’re already a Slingshot customer. 


Orcon (uses the Spark network)

  • Orcon Mobile offers all Orcon customers with competitive mobile rates and strong coverage.
  • Bundle with your existing Orcon plans and get a $5 discount a month. 


Don’t forget that 2degrees, Spark, Vodafone, Warehouse Mobile, Kogan Mobile, MyRepublic, Vocus, Trustpower, and Compass are all retailers that you can buy mobile plans from! 

How can Telcos save me hundreds of dollars? 

In late 2020, a Commerce Commission review revealed that Kiwis are significantly spending more than they have to on their mobile plans. 

“Our work [the review] shows that consumers need to ask themselves how much money they could be saving. Most mobile plans can now be changed monthly so it just might pay to shop around to see if you can find a better deal,” says Tristan Gilbertson, Telecommunications Commissioner.

By understanding each of the different telcos and looking into which one has the best deal, you could save heaps of money! Cheaper rates, bundles, etc. will add up to hundreds of dollars worth of savings over time! 

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Now that you know about all the telcos, it’s time to switch to a better mobile plan! 


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