Christmas Shopping Tips: Preparation is Key!

Christmas shopping tips 2023 with nz compare
Tuesday, December 12, 2023

With gifts to purchase, meals to prepare for, and stockings to fill, the festive season is a shoppers dream. But for others, the Christmas season can be quite daunting. As the costs of living keep rising, many of us will be tightening our budgets and wishing to find ways to make the most out of our money. You may think that turning to the sales is a great way to go, and, sometimes they can be great. But they aren’t always what they are cracked out to be. 

Read on to see how you can save money this silly shopping season!

Look at the Prices Before Sales

With Black Friday, Christmas Sales, and Boxing Day sales, it can be easy to think that this is a great time of year to get the best deal. But these sales, especially Boxing Day, are notorious for actually ripping Kiwis off!

Plan ahead, and check the price of products before the sales begin, so that you know whether there is truly a sale worth your money.

Avoid Sneaky Tactics!

Retailers can be sneaky. They may offer a discounted price off the recommended retailer price (RRP) rather than the price they usually sell the product for. This means there might not even really be a sale in the first place – it just may look like it!

They may also apply pressure by having pop-ups for a product that say, “Only three left!” These are designed to create a sense of urgency, and prompt customers to purchase quickly. 

These are just a couple of ways that retailers try to influence consumers to buy from them. But don’t fret! There are ways you can avoid these traps.

Compare on PriceMe!

Tools like PriceMe are a wonderful way to browse all the retailers that offer the product you are searching for, and compare the prices side-by-side so that you can find the cheapest deal. 

With PriceMe, you can read unbiased reviews, compare different brands or similar products, and learn about the product’s details, all in one, easy to navigate place. PriceMe allows you to make an informed choice on the products you are purchasing, and choose the best deal that suits your budget and needs. 

Harnessing the power of PriceMe comes with the added benefit of shopping and comparing from the comfort of your home, helping you decide on the best shop to visit, or where to simply buy online. There is no in-store pushiness or bias. PriceMe simply provides you with all the information of the product you are looking for, the retailers who carry it, and the available prices, so you can make the best choice for you. 


Make a Budget

This may sound cliche’ and you may roll your eyes at the overuse of this tip, but taking the time to sit down and create a christmas shopping budget will allow you to make purchases that will not break the bank and have a broad overview of your available funds. It will allow you to make a more informed decision on the types of products you purchase, and ensure you don’t spend more than you can afford. 

Create a List

While it can be fun rocking up to the mall and winging it, you will be better prepared, and more likely to avoid the bank statement jumpscare, if you plan the gifts and items that you will be purchasing. So, take the time to write a list, based on the budget you had planned before. Go ahead and tick off your mum, dad, aunts, uncles, in-laws and kids. Gift for as many as your heart desires. When we go into the shops with no plan, it can turn into a situation just like going into a supermarket when we’re hungry. We are more likely to overspend! But going in with a plan means you can keep control over how much you spend. 

Look Out for Your Future Self

Plan ahead for next year. If you start putting even just $10 aside a week until the end of the year, you’ll have over $500 ready for you when you go Christmas shopping again. A great way to prepare well in advance so you can avoid the overwhelm and panic next December!

Make use of Rewards Programmes

You’ve probably already earned Airpoints or Farmers points throughout the year making purchases. Use those collected points to cash in rewards such as gift cards or you could use the Airpoints to purchase a gift from the Airpoints store. 

Craft your own Presents and Decorations

Whether you opt to bake a warm batch of cookies, or paint someone a picture they can pin up in their bathroom or hallway, a handcrafted gift takes time and energy. It is always appreciated and will help you keep costs down!

Secret Santa for the Extended Family

If you have a large gathering planned this Christmas, consider organising a Secret Santa with everyone and agree on a budget. This means that each person can focus on preparing one thoughtful gift rather than stretching themselves thin and spending copious amounts of money on lots of gifts. 

Head to PriceMe

To browse and find the best deals this Christmas and Boxing Day, visit PriceMe

Simply head to the website, type in the product you are looking for into the search bar and voila! You’ll see all the information you need about that product, including all the retailers that carry it. 


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