Come To The End Of Your Contract? Time To Compare!

What to do when your contract ends! Use Mobile Compare!
Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The majority of broadband, power, mobile, and financial plans will include a contract for a certain amount of time. Often these contracts last 12-24 months. 

If you’re coming to the end of your contract then you may be tempted to just stay on it for longer. However, we recommend that you try something else instead…


What can I do when my contract ends? 

For most contracts, regardless of industry, you typically have to give 30 days notice to your provider, if you don’t want to continue with them by the time the end date rolls around. SO start comparing plans around 30-40 days ahead of your contract’s end date, so you can make a fully informed choice and choose to:

1). Stay with the same provider BUT check what new plan they're going to put you on. Often it isn't the same price as you've been enjoying.

2). Challenge your provider. They don’t like to lose existing customers so ask them what’s the best they can offer. 

3). Compare plans from other providers and switch to a new one.

Out of your three options, we’d highly recommend comparing! 

What is comparing? 

Comparing is when you head to a comparison website like NZ Compare and you look at all the different plans and providers available to you and then, of course, compare them! 

You can compare all your plans at NZ Compare including your broadband, mobile, power and financial plans. 

But why do I have to compare, you ask? 

The biggest benefit is that you can save HEAPS of money!! You may find a different power, broadband, or mobile plan that saves you heaps of cash or has more features at a bargain price. Also, there might be other plans which offer you special perks like free hours of power or free streaming service subscriptions

Not only that though, there’s heaps of other benefits to comparing! These include finding the perfect deal for your current lifestyle, saving time on finding a new plan, and getting to make a fully informed decision on which plan you choose (instead of getting tricked by providers’ marketing tactics). 

For more information on comparing, click here!

Fierce loyalty could lose you money! 

If you’re coming to the end of your contract, you have to leave any loyalty to your provider behind. 

Kiwis love to stay loyal to companies they’ve been with for a long time or know well. This may be harmless for small things like food or clothing but when it comes to expensive household bills, it may actually be very detrimental. 

Many Kiwis have stayed with the same provider for years, thinking it’s the best option for them. However, times have changed. Gone are the days of a handful of brands, there’s now hundreds of providers in the broadband, power, mobile and financial markets. These providers are constantly putting on great deals to try and nab new customers. You can easily find a new plan with a different provider that saves you hundreds of dollars! 

Even if you don’t want to switch providers, you should look at ALL your provider’s plans to see if there’s a better deal waiting for you.

Check out even more reasons why customer loyalty might be losing you money and time, right here!

Live a free life with an open term plan! 

You should definitely compare plans after ending your contract as you may find an open term plan will suit you better! 

What’s an open term plan, you ask? Well, it’s a plan with no contract! So you can join this plan and cancel whenever you like if you change your mind. There are some terms and conditions to make sure to read up on but for the most part these plans are very flexible. 

So, if you’ve been looking for more freedom with your household bills, an open term plan may be just what you were looking for! 

Times change, a better deal is waiting for you! 

Being on a long contract with one provider can make you feel like your current plan is the best option. However, it’s often not! 

The broadband, power, mobile, and financial markets move fast, so after 1 or 2 years, the whole landscape can change. So that plan you were on for 12 months is probably old news now. Thus, it’s time to start exploring the new options you have! 

There’s some crazy good plans out there at the moment, with huge discounts and incredible perks! Don’t settle for last year’s best, get the latest and greatest now!!

Also, if you’ve been out of the loop for a while, you might not be familiar with the industry lingo that gets thrown around. Knowing some key words can actually save you heaps of money! So, check out our glossary of broadband terms and power terms

Not sure how to compare and switch?

Last year, we conducted a poll on Neighbourly to find out how many Kiwis compare and switch providers for their power plans. The results showed that most Kiwis weren’t! Only 12.4% of the 800 respondents said they had switched providers in the last six months. So, it’s clear that many Kiwis are confused about how to compare and switch!

Many Kiwis felt unsure about how to find a better deal, thought switching was too hard or didn’t know if they could switch since they were already on a contract. 

For in-depth answers to all these questions and more, check this out! In short though, comparing plans and switching to a new one is actually super easy. All you have to do is…


The best way to compare is NZ Compare! 

Head to NZ Compare!

NZ Compare is the home of multiple comparison websites- Broadband CompareMobile ComparePower Compare and Money Compare. All of these websites let you compare all your important household plans quickly and easily for FREE!!

How to use NZ Compare!

The great thing about NZ Compare is how easy it is to use! Just follow these simple steps:

  • Jump onto our website.
  • Choose a service to compare.
  • Hit enter!
  • Browse all the different plans available to you & compare them side-by-side.
  • Find one you like and switch!

Alternatively, if you’d rather talk to a friendly human, then give our customer support team a free call on 0508 22 66 72. They’ll help you out! 



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