Comparing Mobile Operating Systems: Apple VS Android

Comparing Mobile Operating Systems: Apple VS Android with Mobile Compare
Tuesday, April 16, 2024

A debate almost as old as time itself. Apple's iOS or Android? While many people may be quick to offer their opinions on which operating system they prefer, it is important to understand the similarities and differences between the two so that you can make an informed decision on the type of phone you choose. 

What is a Mobile Operating System?

A mobile operating system is the software that allows our phones to run applications and programs. It is what connects the phone’s hardware pieces with its software functions. You will use your mobile operating system as soon as you turn your phone on as it presents a screen with app icons and other information. 

What is iOS?

iOS is the exclusive operating system of Apple products, and you will find it on all Apple iPhone models. 

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What is Android?

Android is the most popular operating system globally, and isn’t exclusive to one brand of phone. However, you will typically find it on Samsung phones. Other android phones include the Xiaomi range and the Oppo line. 

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What and the Similarities and Differences between iOS and Android?

Interface and Customisation

Android is well-known for its vast customisable interfaces. Users of Samsung phones can personalise their interfaces to reflect their own unique style and tastes. Android makes this possible with its range of themes, colour palettes, and screen widgets. Android interfaces are great for those seeking creativity, personalisation, and customization to make the phone their own. 

In contrast, iOS embraces simplicity and its design focuses on uniformity across all its devices so that all users have a consistent experience. Therefore, the home screen takes a neat and tidy approach, presenting the apps in a minimalistic grid. iOS is often praised for its user-friendliness, great for those who wish for a simple home screen experience. 


Android users will have access to the Google Play Store for all their app and program needs. Android is touted for its vast spectrum of apps available to users. It is a great operating system for those who seek lots of app options. 

iOS has a slightly different approach to its applications. Users will have access to the Apple App Store, which monitors the quality and security of apps available to consumers. The fine-tooth comb of Apple’s app guidelines is designed to ensure quality and reduces the risk of security breach from users encountering malicious software that could get them in trouble. 


Android devices enable users control over how notifications are presented, which is ideal for those wanting a tailored experience that reflects their preferences and lifestyles needs. Users can expand notifications and dismiss them in groups or individually. 

iOS, once again, takes a simplified approach to notifications. The Notification Centre condenses notifications into an chronologically ordered timeline, so users can easily see their most recent alerts. iOS is a great option for those seeking a simple and tidy notification experience that allows them to easily and quickly understand the information they receive. 


We use our phones for all sorts of tasks, often at the same time. Android focuses on flexibility with their multitasking functionality, such as app-switching, to even a split-screen allowing apps to run side-by-side. If productivity and efficiency are your priority with getting tasks done, you may want to consider an Android phone!

iOS continues to take a simplified approach, streamlining multitasking with the easy App Switcher. Users simply swipe up or double-click the home button to see a panel of their most recents apps that they can swipe through and switch to. If simple and easy to navigate is your preference, iOS may be for you!


Android, with its user-control and personalisation approach, allows users a large degree of control over app permissions and privacy settings. Given the ope nature of the Android landscape, users could get into trouble if they ventured to places other than the official Google Play Store. Again, a great option for those wanting flexibility and customization. But due to the range of manufacturers and models, the Android security updates may not be as frequent and consistent across models. 

In contrast, iOS has a tight approach to user privacy, with its exclusivity to Apple products and its extensive App Store review process. iOS is known for its security and privacy. iOS software also gets updated regularly and consistently and enhances the overall security of iOS devices. 

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