Evolution of Mobile Phones

Evoution and History of the Mobile Phone with NZ Compare
Thursday, February 1, 2024

Our smartphones today have long-since transcended the original purpose of simple phone calls. Many of us rely on our phones for hundreds of essential and leisurely tasks. From booking appointments, to transferring money, to keeping track of our sleep. 
Forged from the first ever phone invention and call made by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, the powerful smartphones of today are a testament to human ingenuity and creativity. The development of the modern smartphone has propelled humanity into a new era of hyper-connection, creating new jobs, new social worlds, and a new platform for societies to grow. 

The Beginning of a New Age

 Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone marked a revolution in communication for the world. His words, “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you,” marked the beginning of an era where sound could be transmitted across distances. For several decades, telephones were heavy, cumbersome, and immobile. They were typically attached to the wall or mounted to folding cabinets. 

The Rise of Mobile Phones

The concept of mobile phones made its debut in 1983, with the introduction of the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. This first ever handheld mobile phone weighed over a kilogram and its battery took a whopping 10 hours to charge. It only lasted 30 minutes once fully charged! 

The Dawn of Texting

1992 saw the transmitting of the first ever text message. Neil Papworth, an engineer, sent the first text message to a mobile phone and the message was simply, “Merry Christmas.”

The Beginning of Handsets

By 1992, mobile phones became available to more than just businesses, paving the way for mass production of consumer handsets that came with digital displayers. 

Development of Features

Nokia launched the 7110 in 1999, making it the first device to feature access to information over a mobile wireless network. This was only a couple of years after colour was integrated into mobile screens, creating more personality and character. 

Revolution of Mobile Data

Upon the introduction of 3G, download speeds revolutionised the way mobile phones were used forever, with speeds up to 2MBS in 20023. Mobile email spread to users and many devices began to introduce front-facing cameras, making video calling possible. 

The Smartphone Era 

The traditional buttons of mobile phones were quickly replaced by swiping and scrolling, with the first touchscreen, the LG Prada, launching into the market. But the Apple iPhone proved to be more successful and captivated global masses. Can you believe we are already in the era of the iPhone 15?

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Bigger and Faster

Between 2011 and 2014, smartphones became more and more integrated into lives and systems, as more and more features were developed. Download speeds increased to 12 mbps with the arrival of 4G and voice recognition launched into the market, with Google Voice and Siri as companion tools. Samsung chose to take advantage of the health and wellness market by developing a built-in heart rate monitor. As more and more global users took advantage of 4G speeds and capacities, screen sizes grew to maximise the experience. 

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A Thousand Tasks in the Palm of Our Hand

With the launch of 5G services, mobile networks have been driven to new heights of streaming, gaming, and even working from anywhere in the world. This new generation of networking promises ultra-fast speeds, reliability, and crispy, ultra-clear resolution. Innovations are continuing to push for new features and developments. With nothing but the future ahead of us, mobile phones are still, truly, in their infancy. 

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