Mobile Compare Sets Visitor Record Amidst High Data Prices

Mobile Compare Data Traffic NZ
Thursday, October 5, 2023 Reports Record Site Visitors as NZ places 218 out of 237 countries when comparing the price of 1GB of mobile data.

Auckland, New Zealand – Mobile Compare, New Zealand's leading mobile plan comparison website, experienced an unprecedented surge in site visitors during the month of September. This substantial increase in traffic comes at a time when more Kiwis are grappling with the challenges posed by the rising cost of living, which includes the price we pay for mobile data.

Recent research released by has painted an unfavorable picture of the cost of mobile data in New Zealand with the average cost per 1GB of mobile data coming in USD 5.89. Compared with the rest of the Oceania region we are a long way behind.

The average 1GB of data costs USD 0.09 in Fiji, making it the cheapest country in Oceania, and the 3rd cheapest in the world. Oceania’s other island nations are mostly in the more expensive half of the table, however Samoa comes in at second cheapest in the region at USD 0.36.  New Zealand is a long way behind – 18th in the region out of 24 countries, with an average 1GB cost of USD 5.89. 

This places New Zealand at 218th out of 237 countries for the average cost per 1GB of mobile data.  It is of little surprise that kiwis are seeking ways to reduce their mobile phone tariff costs.

Check out NZ Compare's CEO Gavin Male's interview on RNZ, where he discusses the high cost of mobile data in New Zealand compared to the global average.


More Providers than Ever

With an extensive array of mobile phone service providers and plans featured on the site, Mobile Compare has been the go-to platform for consumers seeking cost-effective mobile solutions since it launched in late 2022. In September 2023, this commitment to helping Kiwis find the best deals on mobile plans was further underscored as the website reported record-breaking visitor numbers.

Mobile Compare continues to expand its offerings as more and more providers enter the New Zealand market.  The site helps to ensure that consumers have access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive list of mobile plan providers in one place, ensuring they pay the very best price for their mobile phone services. 

The platform is now listing a growing roster of new mobile service providers, recent additions to the Mobile Compare site include Mighty Mobile, a product of the online retailer Mighty Ape, and Nova Energy, further increasing choices for New Zealanders.  These new entrants join the ranks of other top-tier providers featured on the platform, promising an even wider range of options for consumers seeking competitive mobile plans.

As the cost of living remains a pressing concern for many, Mobile Compare, along with the other NZ Compare sites covering Broadband, Power and Finance, empower Kiwis to make informed decisions about their mobile phone services. By comparing plans from various providers, users can identify savings opportunities and ensure they're not overpaying for essential connectivity.

Mobile Compare remains dedicated to its mission of providing a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of choosing the right mobile plan. With its record-breaking site traffic and ever-expanding list of providers, the website stands as a valuable resource for New Zealanders looking to manage their expenses while enjoying reliable mobile services.

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About Mobile Compare:

Mobile Compare is New Zealand's leading mobile plan comparison website. Dedicated to helping consumers find the best mobile plans to suit their needs and budget, Mobile Compare offers an extensive selection of mobile service providers and plans. The platform simplifies the process of comparing and choosing mobile plans, ensuring users make informed decisions about their mobile phone services.


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