Mobile Phone Security: 8 Tips for Protecting your Information and Privacy

8 Tips for Mobile Safety and Security with NZ Compare
Monday, February 26, 2024

Our mobile phones hold the key to many aspects of our lives. They store the memories that we hold dear, the games we like to play, the ebooks we indulge in, and our banking information. It has never been more important to protect our information and privacy, especially when hackers, spam and malware are ever-present in our society.

We have put together some of our best tips to protect your mobile phone, information and privacy. 

1. Use Strong Passwords

Ensure that unauthorized access is near impossible by setting up strong, obscure passwords and by using biometrics such as fingerprints. Make sure your passports have eight or more characters and contain numbers and symbols to make them extra mighty. Be careful to not rinse and repeat the same password or pin for every login as it makes it easy for someone to access all your information in one go.

2. Install Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is a great extra security measure to protect your phone from unforeseen attacks, and works by requiring you to validate your login in more than one way, to confirm that it is, in fact, you logging in. Methods of authentication include text messages, authentication codes, fingerprints or confirming the login validity from another device. 

3. Invest in a VPN

Did you know that public wifi networks can pose risk to your mobile phone and your security? Public wifi is a great way to save the need to use our mobile data. But public routers put us at risk of hackers, viruses and malware.

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4. Backup your Data

You don’t want to lose your precious photos! Nor do you want to lose important documents. Avoid the stress of sudden loss of photos, documents and information by backing up your data to the cloud, such as to Google Drive, or OneDrive.  

5. After you Pay, Log Out!

If you use your phone to complete a banking transaction or online shop, make sure you log out of the bank app or shop website once you have completed your transactions! Try not to save your payment details, as this makes it easy if someone accesses your phone to go shopping. 

6. Keep your Head On

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck… remain on alert and be cautious of clicking links from unknown senders. Don’t download software from random or unknown places and don’t provide information to unverified websites, apps, or people you don’t know. If you receive a call or a text from an unknown person or number asking for personal information, don’t respond or hang up. Remember, banks will not call you asking for information, even if there is a suspicious activity flagged on your account. They will notify you and request you call them. 

7. Encrypt your Data 

If you want to add an even more intense security measure, encrypt your device. Most mobile phones come with a built-in encryption feature, allowing you to make your data unreadable to anyone trying to access your information. Encryption is a great way to protect your data from theft and prevent access from unauthorised people. The setup requires you to find the encryption feature on your phone and create a password to encrypt your device and information. Depending on how much data you have, it may take a while so you may need to be patient. Don’t forget the encryption password because you’ll need to enter it each time you use your phone. We would also recommend backing up your data as the feature could erase your data if the encryption password is entered incorrectly too many times. 

8. Avoid Public Wifi, by Finding a Better Mobile Plan

How so? You may ask. By comparing! Jump on Mobile Compare to compare the different mobile plans available to you side-by-side. Unlimited data, you ask? Or simply more data for the same bill or a lower bill? Sounds good to us! Mobile Compare unlocks better deals, so that you can get more value for your hard-earned money. With more data available on your plan, you may be less likely to need to use public wifi, and thus, keep your information and privacy protected while out and about. 

If you would like to speak to a person about mobile plans, you can give our friendly Auckland-based Mobile Compare team a free call from 10am-6pm Monday to Friday. They offer bias-free, obligation-free advice about all things mobile plans. 

Give us a call on 0508 226672

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