Rocket Mobile Launched in New Zealand

Rocket Mobile Launched in New Zealand
Thursday, November 23, 2023

A new mobile provider brand has landed in NZ, aiming to deliver better value to customers, and change the way Kiwis use mobile data and pay for their plans.

Who is Rocket Mobile?

Previously known as MyRepublic, Rocket Mobile is keeping what customers already loved about its unlimited mobile data plans, while introducing a few new features that make it even easier for New Zealanders to take their mobile data for granted.

As MyRepublic, the company pioneered the first unlimited mobile data plans in NZ with choose the speed you need options, and introduced the country’s cheapest unlimited mobile data plan at launch. Rocket Mobile will build on the groundwork laid by the MyRepublic brand, to challenge the status quo and create even more competition in the NZ mobile market.

Actually Unlimited Data

Many mobile networks offer ‘endless’ data plans that imply you’ll never run out, when in reality your speed is slowed down considerably once you exceed a certain amount of usage in your plan.

Some providers even offer plans that force you to watch the clock to allow unlimited data usage within a certain window.

Rocket Mobile’s plans are truly unlimited, so you can rely on having the same data speed no matter what day of the billing cycle it is, depending on your location and network coverage.

Which plan is right for me?

With four plans to choose from, you can be rest assured that you’re only paying for what you need, and no more. Choose the speed you need and never worry about running out of data again.

All Rocket Mobile plans have unlimited data, calls and SMS to NZ/AU, free voicemail access, WiFi calling, are 5G ready, and include free hotspotting up to the limit each plan allows.



  • $25/month

  • Unlimited Data up to 2Mbps

  • Hotspotting up to 10GB included

  • Great for essential connectivity such as messaging, music and maps


  • $35/month

  • Unlimited Data up to 10Mbps

  • Hotspotting up to 20GB included

  • Suitable for HD video calling & streaming, heavy social media usage


  • $45/month

  • Unlimited Data up to 40Mbps

  • Hotspotting up to 20GB included

  • Suitable for 4k video calling & streaming, 4K gaming


  • $70/month

  • Unlimited Data at Max Speed (available to your device & network)

  • Hotspotting up to 40GB included

  • Best to maximise your 5G device on the 5G network, intense multi tasking

No more data hoarding, or trying to work out which provider has the best deal depending on the number of people on your plan, or which subscription services you want as an add on. Rocket Mobile lets you keep more money in your pocket, so you can decide how to spend it.


No Catches

All Rocket Mobile plans have no catches. That means no sneaky fees, e.g. when you pay with a credit card, or for calling your voicemail. No 28 day billing, which adds an extra month each year to your overall costs. No credit checks - all you need is a valid debit/credit card to sign up. And no requirement to bundle with other services like power or internet to get the great low price.

Rocket Mobile are also taking a stand against unfair and deceptive short term promotions. These include discounts that are only available to new customers, leaving existing ones in the lurch. Or short term promos that lure people in with a low price or free trial period that rapidly increases in price later.

All plans are also month to month, which means you can cancel at any time, without being locked into a 12 month contract, or being required to repay a promo offer if you cancel early. 


Award Winning Coverage

Rocket Mobile is powered by One NZ’s award winning network, independently tested by global leader in mobile benchmarking, umlaut (part of Accenture) in May 2023. So you can stress less knowing you’ve got access to the best network in NZ.

Hop On Board

If you’re still not convinced, simply compare Rocket Mobile’s plans, and it’s clear that these are some of the best value mobile data plans available today. Fuel your phone with Rocket Mobile.

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