Should you switch to a smaller provider?

Customers may be more inclined to smaller providers
Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Are you happy with your current mobile or broadband provider? 

With so many options to choose from, it’s important you’re asking yourself this question to ensure you get the best service possible! 

Recently, Consumer NZ published a survey which showed surprising results. It seems that many Kiwis are very satisfied if they are with a smaller provider, while those with one of the more established providers aren’t feeling so good. 

Should you switch to a smaller provider? Read on to find out! 

Plus, discover the best way you can compare all the providers to make your mind up for yourself!  

Consumer NZ discovers how Kiwis feel about their providers

Consumer NZ (an organisation that provides helpful resources and information for consumers) recently completed their 2022 survey to explore how satisfied Kiwis are with their mobile and internet services. 

With so many options on the market, with each provider claiming to have the best products and services, this survey ultimately seeks to cut through everything to find the truth on which providers are actually keeping Kiwis the most satisfied.   

To find out how each provider is doing, Consumer NZ surveyed nearly 2000 Kiwi consumers about various topics including customer support, service issues, best prices and overall quality. 

Who’s at the top for mobile?  

If you’re with 2degrees, Skinny, or Warehouse Mobile, then you’ll probably be loving your mobile plan! These three providers came out on top in the survey as they all received the People’s Choice title for mobile services. It’s clear these three companies are keeping their customers feeling very satisfied through their service and support. 

On the other hand, Vodafone, Spark, and Slingshot did not fare as well, with satisfaction scores all below-average for their mobile services.  

These results are interesting as many of the smaller providers are being put at the top of the list for Kiwis! Skinny (owned by Spark) and Warehouse Mobile (an MVNO) are both much smaller companies than network providers like 2degrees, Vodafone or Spark. Yet, they are performing very strongly, keeping customers super happy. 

However, the biggest providers in the country will naturally have more complaints as they have more customers. 

Who’s at the top for broadband?

For broadband, Skinny and Now Broadband ranked highest, with both being given the People’s Choice title. 

“The results speak for themselves. The vast majority of Now and Skinny customers are very satisfied with their service provider - these are relatively small operators,” says Ruairi O'Shea (Consumer NZ investigative writer).

On the other hand, Vodafone received the lowest satisfaction scores for all broadband services surveyed. “...Only 51% of Vodafone’s customers are very satisfied with their internet service,” says O’Shea. 

Vodafone has recently announced they are rebranding to One New Zealand in 2023 and are committed to improving their products and support for their Kiwi customers. This can be seen in a number of investments they have made including bringing their call centres back to Aotearoa and buying ownership back to their retail stores.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Whilst we’re making great strides, we recognise we still have work to do.” “Our upcoming rebrand will allow us to invest even more into our networks, onshore service, and technology solutions for our customers in New Zealand,” she said.

Vodafone clearly hopes to lift their scores with their intention set on improving the customer experience. 

What about service issues? 

The Consumer NZ survey also looked into whether Kiwis are experiencing any service issues with their mobile and broadband providers. 

When it comes to mobile, there was only a small number of consumers dealing with service issues. 32% of customers surveyed said they had problems in the last year with their provider.

Consumers reported common problems such as disconnections, dropouts, slow mobile data speeds and billing issues.

However, there was a larger number of customers who experienced service issues when it came to their broadband. 45% of customers said they had issues with their provider in the last year.

Customers reported problems such as slow speeds, dropouts and disconnections.  

“Orcon was the worst culprit for internet service issues, with over half of its customers surveyed facing a service issue in the past 12 months,” says O'Shea.

It’s important to remember that if you’re having any issues with your provider and they aren’t helping you find a solution, then get in touch with the Telecommunications Dispute Resolution Service. It’s free! 

Which provider is best for you?  

It can be tough choosing the right provider for your needs! 

This survey is incredibly helpful in getting an honest picture on how Kiwis feel about different providers. 

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