The New Samsung Galaxy is Here - Samsung Galaxy S24

The New Samsung Galaxy is Here - Samsung Galaxy S24
Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Whispers of the new Samsung Galaxy are circulating. With the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event of 2024 launching on Wednesday 17th January, the world eagerly awaits the details of the new generation of this innovative and state of the art phone. Rumour has it that the powerhouse brand will be launching their Samsung Galaxy S24 range, which will include the Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus and Samsung S24 Ultra. 

Don’t miss out on the reveal of the new Samsung Galaxy phone during the livestream of Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024 – an absolute must for lovers of Android and those looking for a new device that is rumoured to compete with or even succeed the iPhone 15 series. Get ready to blast off into new heights with this star-studded new phone series.

Tune into the Live Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Session

We know you are chomping at the bit to know what the latest Samsung Galaxy has in store for us. Fear not! Tune into the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024 live stream January 18, 2024 at 7:00 am NZST. Elevate your digital experience and unlock the future by being sure to register to watch the livestream. Kiwis who register will receive a promo code for 1 year of Samsung Care+3 and $100 off for your shining new Samsung Galaxy S24 device preorder! Plus, you will automatically be entered into the draw to win a bonus gift.

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What’s launching at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024? 

This highly-anticipated new phone series is said to look, feel and run similarly to its predecessor,  the Galaxy S23 series, but there will be a few innovative and masterful changes in this new evolution.

External Design!

Think, a sleek flat display, with titantian edges. Lovers of the world's creativity of photography, both new and old, will be thrilled to know that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will unlock the ingenuity of a 50-megapixel 5x zoom camera, replacing the 10x telephotos camera.

Colour, Colour, Colour!

Legend has it that the Samsung Galaxy S24 will come in an array of hues from light blue, to orange, to the titanium grey. Others tell the tale of the pigments of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, which are said to include sunny yellow, pale green, and titanium black. Unlock your true colours with this extensive palette! Get a new phone that matches your personality. It’s a new year, so why not enjoy a new you and a new phone?

A Gateway to the Future

With the rapid developments in artificial intelligence, it is no wonder that rumours tease the next evolution of Samsung Galaxy will unravel a string of future-focused features and technologies such as, allegedly, AI photo-editing and the peculiar ability for the Samsung Galaxy S24 to detect tone in text. Imagine that! No more misunderstandings while messaging loved ones! 

If rumours are to be believed then we will see Samsung Galaxy S24 prices sitting close to those of the Galaxy S23 series. Competing alongside the iPhone 15 and its series, the Samsung Galaxy S24 line is set to reveal technologies that will transform your world, jetting you off to the very galaxy for which it was named. While we don’t expect to see discussion on the Galaxy Ring – Samsung’s incoming first smart ring – nor on their smartwatches. Rather, this summit will concentrate on all things phone. 

With its embodiment of AI immersed technologies, this revolutionary phone line is set to pave the way to the cosmos and beyond. Transform your digital and AI experience, whether you are a professional looking to unlock new productivity, or a creative individual keen on exploring your true potential, this new series has something for everyone. Take advantage of it before you get left behind! The stars and beyond await with the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series. 

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