Mercury - Get 3 Months Free* Mobile!
Jul 9, 2024


Get your first 3 months free on your monthly mobile plan when you bundle mobile with another service,
including electricity, gas or broadband.


In this modern age, we are constantly using our phones. But this is another bill that can be hard to keep track of. With Mercury’s offer, you can bundle your Mercury Mobile with electricity, gas or broadband to unlock 3 months of saving on mobile. Reduce the number of bills you have to organise and save money. How good is that?




*3 Months Free mobile only applies to the monthly charge for your chosen plan. It does not apply to other charges such as Add-Ons, Auto Allowances, or texts/calls outside of what is included with your plan. To retain the 3 Months Free offer on your mobile plan, you need to keep at least one energy or broadband service with Mercury, and stay on the same mobile plan, for the duration of the 3 Months Free offer. If you switch or terminate all your energy and broadband services, or change your mobile plan: 1. in the first month, you will lose three months free; or 2. in the second month you will lose two months free; or 3. in the third month you will lose one month free. A mobile number is only eligible to receive the 3 Months Free offer once. Not available to customers who have had the 3 Months Free mobile offer with Mercury NZ Limited in the last 12 months. General residential and mobile terms apply.