Aug 9, 2022

Spark is one of Aotearoa’s earliest mobile networks, beginning officially 1987. A mobile network is a company that owns and operates the technology and infrastructure, such as cell towers. 

After decades of servicing Kiwis with telephone connections, the New Zealand Post Office struggled to meet the growing demand by 1987. Thus, Telecom launched, selling in 1990 for $4.2 billion, quickly becoming a household name. In 2024, the company welcomed a new era, rebranding to Spark NZ, a move designed to represent the company’s developing digital services. 

Spark provides both mobile and broadband services to households and businesses. They have one of the largest networks across the country, covering 98% of where Kiwis live and work. Their services include 4G and 5G, and HD calling. Like other network providers, they will be shutting down their 3G service in 2025. 

Spark’s mission is to empower Kiwis to foster Aotearoa’s future. 

Various retailers and MVNOs use Spark’s robust network. 

MVNOs who use the Spark network include: