Aug 9, 2022

Spark is one of Aotearoa’s earliest mobile network providers, officially beginning in 1987.

The New Zealand Post Office, after decades of servicing Kiwis with telephone connections, was struggling to meet growing technological demand by 1987. Thus, three state-owned companies were spun off, one of which was Telecom (now Spark). Telecom launched and by 1990 was sold for $4.2 billion and one year later became a publicly trading company. In 2014, the company ushered in a new era with their rebrand to Spark NZ, to represent their move into digital services.

Spark provides both mobile and broadband to all their customers (Consumer and Business). They have one of the largest mobile networks across the country, strong 4G coverage, HD calling, and an expanding 5G network.

Spark’s main purpose is, "To help all of New Zealand win big in a digital world.” Their more than 5000 employees are here to ensure that Spark’s three million strong customer base is able to achieve this goal. 

Spark’s extensive network is used by Spark, multiple MVNOs, and other retailers.

Mobile Phone Operators on the Spark network include:

  • Spark
  • Vocus (MVNO, houses retail brands Slingshot and Orcon)
  • Trustpower (MVNO)
  • Compass (MVNO)
  • Slingshot (other retailer)
  • Orcon (other retailer)
  • Skinny (other retailer, owned by Spark)