6 Must-Have Features in Modern Phones

6 Must-Have Features in Modern Phones with Mobile Compare
Friday, April 5, 2024

Modern phones are becoming more powerful by the day. Some might argue that they’re mini computers that we carry around in our pockets. With a variety of phone brands and models on the market, from high-end, world class Apple iPhone 15 and the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, to the hubble and budget-friendly Oppo line, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

If you are in the market for a new phone, we have put together a list of 5 must-have features to consider when shopping. Don’t forget to compare different models and prices using PriceMe so that you can score all the specs and features you need at the best price.

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1. Battery Life

Battery capacities have grown in the last decade, with ranges from 4000mAh to 5000mAh and even 600mAh for some models. It is important to consider the lifestyle you lead when it comes to the battery life you may need. Do you spend long days out and about? Or do you work or study from home more often? Depending on how much battery life you need will determine the type of phone you will want to shortlist. 

2. Biometric Security

It has been a long time since phones could only be unlocked with a pin or password. Phone security has advanced to biometric security features such as fingerprint and facial or voice recognition. Be sure your potential phone has biometric capabilities so you can protect your phone’s data and your security. 

3. VoLTE Capability

In 2025, New Zealand mobile network operators will be phasing out 3G networks. To make sure your phone will be able to operate under 4G and 5G networks, you’ll need to have a VoLTE capable phone. Be sure you are shopping for one that has this capability listed in its specs! You can also check that there is a VoLTE symbol (which is the letters VoLTE) displayed in the top of the screen, next to the signal bar. 

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4. Speed and Storage Capacity

Generally, you are not going to want to wait for lagging apps and loading times. You want a phone that has adequate processing power for your needs and all the tasks you’ll be doing. For seamless multitasking, seek a phone that has a RAM (processing speed) of 4GB. Also consider how much storage you will need. Are you going to accumulate lots of photos and documents on your phone? You may need a device with a larger storage capacity!

5. A Clear and Expansive Display

Our phones are how we connect with others in this modern age. We share images and videos with one another, video call, and even partake in work, study and banking activities. Having a large, clear display with crisp colour and linework is crucial for an enjoyable phone experience. Phone displays often come in OLED and AMOLED displays. OLED displays deliver deep black colours and an infinite contrast ratio. They are ideal for users who view content in a dark environment. Apple phones typically have OLED displays. Meanwhile AMOLED displays are known for their vivid colours, high refresh rates and power efficiency. Samsung phones typically have AMOLED displays. 

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6. A Quality Camera

Most of us want to be able to capture moments with family and friends, and boost our confidence with the odd selfie. Modern cameras tend to come with multiple lenses. For example, an ultra-wide lens is great for those who wish to capture vast landscapes and the meeting notes at work. 

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