Mighty Ape Mobile Plans launch as Mighty Mobile

Mighty Ape Mobile Plans launch as Mighty Mobile
Monday, August 28, 2023

Mighty Ape Teams Up with One NZ to Launch Mighty Mobile: A New MVNO Challenger

Positioned as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), Mighty Mobile is poised to redefine the prepay market. Operating on the robust One NZ network, Mighty Mobile distinguishes itself by being the sole prepay provider offering users unlimited maximum speed data over the One NZ network, complete with hotspot capabilities.

Mighty Mobile proudly touts itself as the purveyor of "New Zealand's Mightiest Prepay Plans," boasting products bundled with limitless data. The differentiating factor in these plans lies in the speed of the unlimited data tier that customers choose. This innovative approach offers considerable value to consumers. For a comprehensive comparison of unlimited or endless data options compare mobile plans on Mobile Compare.

Unlimited Data Caps with Variable Speeds

With Mighty Mobile's unlimited data plans, concerns about data caps becoming obstacles at critical moments will be a thing of the past. Customers can revel in swift download speeds with the fastest plan while enjoying unlimited data across all Mighty Mobile mobile phone plans. Moreover, the convenience of retaining your existing number remains intact when transitioning to a new mobile phone plan.

Mighty Ape Mobile - Kogan Mobile by Another Name?

Owned by Kogan, Mighty Ape's entry into the telecommunications realm with Mighty Mobile adds a new layer of innovation. Kogan had previously introduced a One NZ-based MVNO service under the Kogan Mobile brand in 2020, the same year it acquired Mighty Ape for A$122 million. However, Mighty Mobile steps forward with a distinct proposition, as noted by Gracie MacKinlay, CEO of Mighty Ape.

MacKinlay explains, "Kogan Mobile offers prepaid phone plans to budget-conscious consumers whereas Mighty Mobile is targeted at those who use and consume a lot of data from gaming, watching social media, and online content. We believe there is space in the market for both types of phone plans." This strategic move reflects the growing demand among Kiwis for enhanced connectivity solutions.

Unlimited Data Plans Redefined

Mighty Mobile's introduction includes three unlimited data prepay plans: Fast, Faster, and Fastest – each with monthly and 365-day options. These plans encompass unlimited standard calls and texts to both New Zealand and Australian numbers when dialed from within New Zealand.

The tiers include Fast and Faster, providing limitless data at speeds of up to 10Mbit/s and 50Mbit/s, respectively. Meanwhile, the Fastest plan breaks barriers by offering unlimited data without a capped maximum speed. Ease of setup, the absence of excess usage charges, and the inclusion of a tri-fit SIM card further position Mighty Mobile as a formidable alternative for Kiwi consumers.

Jason Paris, CEO of One NZ, expressed his excitement about partnering with Mighty Ape to expand consumer choices. Having been established in 2008, Mighty Ape has built a customer base of over 700,000 annually. With the introduction of Mighty Mobile, they are poised to harness their existing customer base and emerge as a strong contender in the MVNO landscape.

We will shortly list all Mighty Mobile plans on Mobile Compare so you can Compare Mighty Mobile Plans but for now we will break things down in more detail below.

With its new Mobile Phone Plans, Mighty Mobile (Mighty Ape Mobile Company) has launched an unlimited data, no speed-limit plan that, at $66.58 per month. It is cheaper than the equivalent offering from its MVNO partner One NZ but comes with one major catch.  You must pay for a whole year upfront, which works out to $799 a year to get the unlimited data plan at $66.58 a month.  If you want to pay monthly then it costs the same as One NZ who power the plan at $80 per month.

Mighty Mobile extends their unlimited calling and texting (excluding multimedia like picture messages) across both sides of the Tasman, with the exception of roaming beyond Australia. Notably, the scope of unlimited data is confined to New Zealand alone.  For those seeking roaming mobile phone capabilities, a daily roaming feature will be introduced as an optional add-on by the conclusion of 2023.

Emphasizing its usage for personal purposes exclusively, the unlimited data plan is not intended for use by businesses.  When the NZ Herald looked into the fine print of the Mighty Mobile Unlimited plan it found that the "unlimited" label is subject to a "fair use" policy. In instances of consistently extensive data consumption, the service provider may reach out, scrutinizing whether the user is possibly sharing their Mighty Mobile connection with flatmates or a small business.

Acknowledging these stipulations, Craig Young, head of the Technology Users Association, commended the entry of Mighty Mobile into the MVNO space. He noted the significance of increased competition and innovation in the market.

"The introduction of more providers fosters innovation and competition. It's refreshing to witness Mighty Ape diverge from the norm and cater to the segment that values high usage and fast speeds. While it's a challenging market to penetrate, this offering has the potential to shift user focus beyond the three major retail brands," said Young.

Compare Mighty Mobile Plans

Mighty Mobile presents two tiered plans, each with its distinct attributes.

The first plan extends unlimited data, capped at a speed of 10 megabits per second, at a cost of $40 per month (or $33.25 per month when paying for a year in advance). This speed is billed as sufficient for high-definition video streaming, a claim that, while ambitious, should accommodate most social media clips. While modest, this speed significantly surpasses the 1.2 megabits per second limit associated with some "endless" data plans.

The second option, available for $50 per month, raises the speed limit to 50 megabits per second (or $41.58 per month, when opting for a $499 upfront payment). It's important to highlight that all Mighty Mobile plans support hotspotting, enabling users to share their phone's internet connection with laptops and other devices. This option is recommended for those aiming to leverage the hotspot feature.

Inclusions across all plans encompass a complimentary SIM card, and users are required to provide their own device. For annual charges, payment is upfront, and service operates through One NZ's network.



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